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For the past 140 years we have been connecting all around the world, from the early explorers to the current social media movement. As the world begins to feel smaller and global populations rise

I believe exploration will take us to further places with advances in space travel to new habitable planets. My design features 140 stars forming a galaxy to represent how we may be connecting in the future.

My design was paired with Rodolfo Kusulas in Mexico. Rodolfo's design symbolises our connecting planet with the continents joining to form the Heineken 'red star'. My design symbolises our planet connecting with others in the future. Our design collaboration was overall winner from 30,000 entries from over 100 countries around the world. It was produced and sold globally on over 1.2 million limited edition aluminium bottles. We were both invited to connect in person at the 2013 Milan Design Festival, where we were awarded with our final creation by the Heineken team. Pretty cool experience!


Agency : Creative Method

To mark their upcoming 140th anniversary, Heineken launched a global competition to design a limited edition bottle of the future. Heineken has been connecting people all over the world for the past 140 years and set a brief to create a new bottle which symbolises how we may be connecting in another 140 years time. Designers were encouraged to pair their design with another designer from anywhere in the world.

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