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Specialising in Design for Consumer Brands


A Yorkshireman living in Sydney.

After 20 years of designing for many well known brands across a wide

variety of categories in both the UK and Australia - I believe behind every great product lives a brand waiting to tell it's own unique story.

Branding should excite & engage the consumer with purpose

to create a memorable, lasting impact.

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand"

Paul Rand


2000 - 2004 / Jones Knowles Ritchie, London, UK 

2004 - 2008 / Landor Associates, Sydney, Australia 

2008 - Present / Multiple Design Agencies, Sydney, Australia


2013 / Global Winner Heineken Future Design

2019 / Winner CUB Pure Blonde Organic Design


Brand Strategy, Identity, Branding & Packaging

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